“Very funny, compelling, fresh and worthwhile!”
            - Associated Press


“If you don’t feel fragilely alive afterward, you weren’t listening”
        - The New York Times

See What Critics are Saying...

Mark Lundholm’s revolutionary play has critics raving, and audiences roaring! 

Addicted... a comedy of substance is a hilarious and unexpectedly moving view into one man’s journey down the rabbit hole of bad choices, wrong places, and insurmountable obstacles and the transformation that ultimately pulled him out… or did it?

Lundholm’s autobiographical comedy is a full-throttle, heart-pounding and wildly entertaining ride - looking at all our addictive tendencies; from alcohol, suicide, sex, and drugs to coffee, work, food, the internet and golf making for 85 minutes of harrowing humor leaving nothing off the table!  For “healthy people” and “the rest of us” - addicted to ANYTHING, Lundholm’s “been there”, “drank that” style of humor grabs the laughter and the tears of living versus simple survival.

ADDICTED delivers the goods! Funny, Cannily rendered ... comic precision. BRUTALLY FUNNY!”
           - The San Francisco Chronicle

This is a show that stays with you.”

           - The New York Post

A tall cool “drink” of a show... it’s addicting.”

            - In-NYC.com

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